s in China."During my on▓e-year-and-11-month stay in Ningde, I we▓nt to almost all the towns

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isited Xihaigu, a region in the south of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, historically, even internationally, known for its harsh environment.Dec▓lared "uninhabitable"

for humans, by visiting experts from th

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e United Nations in 1982, Xihaigu was left out

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of China's headlong rush to riches in the country's economic reform."The families I visited did not have enough to eat, and the drink▓ing

orthern Hebei Province,

water -- salty to taste -- was fetched from afar," Xi said. The villagers did not even have the luxury of showering."It was my first visit t

the president said

o Xihaigu and the view of people's life there shocked me," Xi said. "A▓fter so many years of reform and opening-up, th▓at there was still a

fighting ▓poverty was th

place in such poor and difficult cond▓itions left me stunned."LEADING BY EXAMPLEXi's first-hand experience with poverty only encourag▓ed him

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were a few kerosene lamps by a dit▓ch.In l

n China for good.In Li▓angjiahe village where Xi worked for seven years▓ from 1969, he was inspired by the success of Dazhai, a model village in neighboring Shanxi Province, wher▓e villagers had enough to eat through ▓the hard work to harvest grain. Xi and fellow vi

of mountain road while car▓rying a shoulder

llagers of Liangjiahe dreamed of "having corn flour for meals"▓ for the whole year, too."I just tur▓ned 20 at that time, and I was mainly thinking about ways to let everyone to harvest a little more grain and have a little pocket money," Xi said.X▓i led the villa

him enough for a pack of the cheapest cig

gers in digging wells, building terrac▓es and sediment storage dams, and setting up the province's first methane-generating pit.He also invited the village's three blacksmiths, who had been working elsewhere, to come back to set up an iron cooperative."Forging t?/p>

st could only sustain farmer▓s for a coup

坔e iron could generate some income. Only by making some money could we get things done."Amo▓ng some 30,000 young people sent to the Yan'an region from Beijing, Xi was the first▓ to work as a Party branch secretary at that time. H▓e was awarded a three-wheeled moto

    rcycle by the Beijing municipal government."The motorcycle was useless in the village. It was even impossi

    ble to drive i▓t into

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